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foreign teacher at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2

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Mr. William introduced about Ho Chi Minh

Mr. William introduced about Ho Chi Minh

William is an American English teacher in Vietnam. William has been working at the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 for 2 semesters since the beginning of 2016. During his working at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2, William has made many contributions to teaching and participating in extracurricular activities of students in the school such as English club, school celebrations, school competition, and building extra-curricular activities. In addition, he worked with lecturers in the school to carry out articles as well as scientific research. In addition to teaching, the school also creates conditions for William to explore Vietnam to improve his understanding and cultural exchange.
+ Bachelor of English pedagogy. Ability to communicate in English and Spanish.
+ Masters degree in law at the University of Northern Arizona
+ Doctorate in education at the University of West Kentucky.
- Professional  experience:
+ William has been a volunteer for Peace Corps
+ English- Curriculum: William research English curriculum from a variety of countries: Costa Rica, Cuba, USA- Kentucky, Mexico, Spain, and Columbia. Examined methodologies, strategies and chose the best ideas and strategies for grades 10-12. The publication was shared with Peace Corps- Panama, ACCESS teachers and is posted on the Foundation Gabriel Lewis Galindo website
+ Best Practices Research: Using the SIOP principles and TESOL, William conducted a participation- observation study of SIOP trained teachers highlighted best practices. William worked with fourteen teachers and approximately 420 students on teaching strategies, creating materials and conducting one- one discussion over teaching ideas and strategies. He also modeled teaching and learning strategies for both teachers and students. William conducted over fifteen pronunciation, communication and grammar sessions.
+ William has extensive experience working in a multicultural environment with teachers from China, Korea, and Europe.
+ William has done research on English in Panama, Mexico, Cuba and Costa Rica.
+ At the same time, he also developed a program for secondary school students in the US and for the education and training department in Panama.
Teaching at the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 as an English teacher for students from the first to the third year. he took all his experiences and knowledge to create flexible and creative lessons for HPU2 students.  He also learned Vietnamese culture and customs to apply to his activities at classroom by the organized fashion show, telling stories, role play.....

- Extracurricular activities: participate activities of the school in general and foreign language faculty in particular. He became a supervisor in many competitions to help students correcting their speaking skills. in addition to that, he spent time with senior students to check their thesis in the last year. He also participated in the event of study abroad at the private house of U.S ambassador with Specialist in HPU2 international affair to develop opportunities for the school.

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