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Looking for English and Science Volunteers

Thứ tư - 27/09/2017 22:19
Dear Impending Volunteer English, Science in english Teacher: Hanoi Pedagogical University No. 2 warmly welcomes your interest and intention for English Language Speaking and Listening instruction with undergraduate and graduate learners in North Vietnam. All learners throughout Vietnam study the English language in Primary, Secondary, and High Schools. There is little opportunity for students to use the English language in everyday life, so speaking and listening skills are often weak while reading and writing may be advanced.
The Rector of Hanoi Pedagogical University No. 2, Nguyen Quang Huy, Prof. approves the following for a one-year timetable:
Ø  Roundtrip flight reimbursement from your home to Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport
Ø  Assistance and reimbursement for the necessary work permit visa (please follow, in detail, the directions from HPU2)
Ø  6,000,000 VND per month living allowance (this covers easily basic living expense)
Ø  Secure furnished apartment with private facilities, cooking, refrigeration, air conditioning
Please review and send the following to me  nguyenthiyen@hpu2.edu.vn              at the earliest possible time (It is not necessary to resend if you already sent to me):
Ø  CV or Resume`
Ø  Letter of application to the Administrators of Hanoi Pedagogical University No. 2  (A sample letter from a previous applicant is enclosed)
Ø  Copies of any Degrees, Certificates, or Licenses
Ø  Peace Corps Volunteers should send a copy of the Description of Service, DOS
Ø  Any validation of previous teaching experience, volunteer or paid
Ø  A photocopy of your passport
Ø  Police Background Check
These are needed to comply with Vietnam’s Immigration visa requirements and to satisfy HPU2 validation.
You may learn more about Hanoi Pedagogical University No. 2 at: www.hpu2.edu.vn
Prompt return of the requests is greatly appreciated. Please ask all questions that you have.

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