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The heart of every English speaking class

Thứ năm - 29/03/2018 03:54
Mr. Reeg at English Eloquence Contest

Mr. Reeg at English Eloquence Contest

Leonard Reeg is an American English teacher who served as dean of foreign language at Colegio Americano de San Carlo. He holds a bachelor's degree in literature and child development from Sacramento University in California, with years of experience teaching children and building international cooperation between Mexico and the United States. In 2016, Reeg went to Hanoi Pedagogical 2 as a volunteer to teach two listening and speaking skills. Additionally, Reeg is continuously providing information and helping the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 build relationships with Sacramento. Besides, he also paved the way for international relation with Sacramento by inviting Professor Rachael to organize a workshop with the participation of students in 3 faculties: foreign languages, elementary and kindergarten to study and exchange
+ Bachelor of Arts, Child Development, California State University, Sacramento.
+ Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, California.
+ Community College Instructor Credential, California.
+ TEFL Certification.
- Professional  experience
+ Head of English Department 2 years
Colegio Americano de San Carlos
He is responsible for recruiting certified teachers (native English speaking teachers) for teaching positions in Mexico.
+ Reeg is the Coordinator of the Teacher Referral Program led by R.I.M. Riverside, California. He has actively participated in discussions with the California Commission to develop future internship programs. He expanded relations with other schools in California and Arizona to become partners.
+ He was a teacher of English courses (TESOL / Business English) on weekends and evenings.
- Grade 5 teacher for three years.
 + at the American San Carlos School
+ Developed lesson plans.  Conducted combination grades two and three, kindergarten, sixth grade and Head Start preschool classes. Met with parents regarding their child’s class performance and behavior. Developed and coordinated summer programs.  Trained teachers’ aides. Interviewed and evaluated prospective foster parents.  Conducted classes on foster parenting, child development, and general parenting techniques. As commercial Realtor and consultant, recognized for strategic planning and analysis, successes in joint ventures, specialty leasing, facility management and uncompromising client service. Established and managed four title offices throughout Northern California. Recruited, trained and supervised a staff of forty-five. Counseled on areas related to their job performance. Collaborated and worked closely with companies worldwide.  Developed and conducted hotel staff training.  Accountable for real estate acquisition
 - Operation at Hanoi Pedagogical University  2: During his time at HPU2, Mr.Reeg has made many contributions to the school's activities such as teaching English for students from freshman to senior students, coaches for the school's team to attend the English speaking. In addition to teaching, Reeg is also active in promoting the partnership between Sacramento University of California and HPU2, and directly invites professors from California undergraduate colleges to discuss and teach at conferences.

- Tourism: The school facilitates and sponsors trips to learn about Vietnam's history, culture and customs from north to central, including many famous places such as Quang Binh, Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, Nhat Le Beach, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, etc.

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