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Thank you for your journey you brought to us

Mr. Richard is an English teacher who taught English speaking and listening skills for Hanoi Pedagogical University 2. He received the Bachelor Degree at University of Birmingham at 2010 as well as many certificates about education like TEFL and intensive teacher training course. He had tremendous experiences in education, so he not only knew how to facilitate class productively but also work as part of a team to develop prompt and creative solutions to potential problems. He helped HPU2 students to speak English naturally and introduced to British culture during the time he worked here

Emily journey to discover herself

In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn

Emily's journey was learning the process. By the time she lived in Vietnam, she not only spread out American culture but also absorbed Vietnamese traditional culture. Ms. Emily is an American literature teacher who took part in many NGOs activities. She fights for woman equality. Besides, she created many English lessons and looked for new teaching methods to help the student. Emily obtained the Bachelor Degree at Colorado College. Emily came to Vietnam as an English teacher. She was enthusiastic and diligent in teaching at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2. Even though her responsibility was helping students with speaking capacity, she still spent a certain amount of time for English club performances. She has inspired many students from freshman to senior in their English progress.

Ms. Mooi Lee Choo in IT lesson

IT lesson sharing from a Singapore teacher

Choo went to Vietnam as an education expert in Singapore to help Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 in the on reform of general education textbooks in information technology.

A hard working teacher at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2

A candle burned itself to light the world of others

Andrew is an American teacher in Vietnam. He obtained Master Degree in Teaching English from College of Notre Dame for people from all over the world. Besides, he was able to communicate in Spanish fluently and also held a Bachelor of Art at Frostburg State University. By these experiences, He can easily adapt to Asian culture in Vietnam. He quickly got familiar with the environment in Hanoi Pedagogical University 2. He created a dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere for students and lecturers so that they can study and work efficiently. He received a lot of compliment from people around the school. He was friendly and hospitality for the locals. Addition to that, he trained the gifted students to participate in speaking contest in the north of Vietnam and received the successful result with the first reward. He worked hard and smart. He set a model for the student to look at on their studying and teaching in the future.

Mr. Reeg at English Eloquence Contest

The heart of every English speaking class

Leonard Reeg is an American English teacher who served as dean of foreign language at Colegio Americano de San Carlo. He holds a bachelor's degree in literature and child development from Sacramento University in California, with years of experience teaching children and building international cooperation between Mexico and the United States. In 2016, Reeg went to Hanoi Pedagogical 2 as a volunteer to teach two listening and speaking skills. Additionally, Reeg is continuously providing information and helping the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 build relationships with Sacramento. Besides, he also paved the way for international relation with Sacramento by inviting Professor Rachael to organize a workshop with the participation of students in 3 faculties: foreign languages, elementary and kindergarten to study and exchange

Professor. Irvin Silverman

English teacher volunteered at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2

Professor Silverman is an American English teacher working at the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 in the four semesters from 2015 to 2017. Silverman graduated from New Jersey State University in the field of language teaching. He taught second language and marketing. He has been a member of the Association of American University Professors, the New Jersey Association of Education, the National Association for Educational Programs. Silverman has made positive contributions to the teaching of English to students at the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2. Along with instruction, Silverman also participated in many extracurricular activities of faculty members in foreign languages such as English club, performances. During the holidays as well as the field trip, Silverman was invited to visit and explore Vietnam as well as cultural exchanges and learning between regions.

Maggie on Vietnamese women's day

The Fulbright Maths teacher from America

Margaret Ann Pavelko is an American Fulbright School teacher selected by the Fulbright School of Pedagogy. She works in the short term from September 6, 2016. In the United States, Marget graduated with a bachelor's degree. maths and quickly became a math teacher at a public high school. Continuously, she continued her self-study journey and got a master's degree in education management and became a teacher instructor for teachers on curriculum development, class organization and encourage students to participate in lessons. At the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2, Margret is not only a lecturer in English language teaching in high-quality classes but also helps build a positive English learning community in the school. By sharing and exchanging experiences, Margret has inspired faculty and students to learn English.

Mr. Williams at English class

American Professor worked at HPU2

Edward Williams is an American English teacher at the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 for 2 years. Before his work at the College, he has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Special Education from Lynchburg, Virginia. Mr. Williams was awarded a Ph.D. From 2014, he was working at the Hanoi Pedagogical 2 and made a significant contribution to teaching and building an English speaking environment for students in particular and the community where they live in general. He has been traveled many famous destinations in Vietnam with the grant from HPU2 such as Halong Bay, Hue, Danang, Hochiminh city, Sapa, etc.

Mr. William introduced about Ho Chi Minh

foreign teacher at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2

William is an American English teacher in Vietnam. William has been working at the Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 for 2 semesters since the beginning of 2016. During his working at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2, William has made many contributions to teaching and participating in extracurricular activities of students in the school such as English club, school celebrations, school competition, and building extra-curricular activities. In addition, he worked with lecturers in the school to carry out articles as well as scientific research. In addition to teaching, the school also creates conditions for William to explore Vietnam to improve his understanding and cultural exchange.

Looking for English and Science Volunteers

Dear Impending Volunteer English, Science in english Teacher: Hanoi Pedagogical University No. 2 warmly welcomes your interest and intention for English Language Speaking and Listening instruction with undergraduate and graduate learners in North Vietnam. All learners throughout Vietnam study the English language in Primary, Secondary, and High Schools. There is little opportunity for students to use the English language in everyday life, so speaking and listening skills are often weak while reading and writing may be advanced.

foreigner Profesors, Teachers, Volunteers in HPU2

Từ năm 2008 đến nay, Nhà trường đã tiếp nhận các Tình nguyện viên, chuyên gia, giảng viên từ các đối tác đã kí kết ghi nhớ, các tổ chức quốc tế tại Việt Nam.


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