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Chương trình học bổng của Trường ĐH Bưu chính Viễn Thông Trung Khánh, Trung Quốc năm 2020

Thứ năm - 16/01/2020 01:46
The student exchange program in CQUPT for September semester intake is opening now. We warmly welcome your students to study in CQUPT for one semester or two semesters as exchange students. All subjects in CQUPT are open to exchange students, including Chinese Language studies coureses, undergraduate courses and graduate courses. Mater and PhD programs require students to work in the lab with supervisors, therefore both English and Chinese language could be accepted. For the bachelor programs, only Computer Science and Technology and Electronic Information Engineering are taught in English, but all master courses are open to bachelor students and they also could choose to take. 
Please refer to the fact sheet for student exchange in CQUPT for more details on the programme and the application procedures. We highly appreciate if you could share this program to your students.
The deadline for partners’ nomination is April 15th, 2020. and then nominated students should do the online application before April 30th, 2020.
Nomination process
Please complete the attached nominated form and send it to wenjin@cqupt.edu.cn
Students online application
Nominated students apply online https://cqupt.17gz.org/member/login.do before April 30th, 2020, and upload the following documents at the same time:
1)  The copy of your passport
2)  Studentship Certificate
3)  University official transcript
4)  An official recommendation letter from the international office of home university
5)  Physical Examination form (the attached one)
6)  Study Plan

Please refer to how to apply online for more detail information about the online application.  
Please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions nguyenthiyen@hpu2.edu.vn or phone number is 0358066386.

Tác giả bài viết: Nguyen Yen

Nguồn tin: Trường Đại học Bưu chính Viễn Thông Trùng Khánh, Trung Quốc

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